6 Best Iconic Food To Try In USA

The last thing people think of when they hear about American Cuisine are the classics ones like fried chicken, burgers, pancakes, and hotdogs. Just like America, their cuisine gets influence from different places like Dutch, British, French, Ger many, Italian, and the Carribean happens to be the cultures which contributed to the cuisine food which is currently referred to be American food. Here we have a roundup of some famous American food which you may find countrywide when you travel using renting a car at 24.

Some of the popular traditional American food

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Apart from the food being there since 1960, the fried chicken wings are doused in the got sauce vinegar made of cayenne which is mostly referred to as buffalo sauce. This chicken wing was being served fast in Buffalo Anchor Bar, New York and are currently among the popular bar foods.

Tater Tots

Tater tots are the American traditional spud variation which you should try them out apart from the french fries. They are potato mini-balls that are grated and have a cylindrical shape then they are fried using a crispy exterior which is available in diners, fast food joints, and breakfast spots.

Hot Dogs

An American Hot dog is the most delicious snack which that compliments the baseball game and summer cookout better. The hot dog was turned to become a national icon by Nathan Handwerker who was a Polish immigrant, and his hot dog was on Coney Islands. The hot dog has got some regional variations which include New-York style that has relish and ketchup, and the Chicago style which is served on some poppy seed buns without any kinds of ketchup.

Apple Pie

You have heard somewhere that an Apple pie is an American and there are reasons behind the statement. Probably, the Dutch and British immigrants were the first ones to introduce the great iconic among the American food which is an Apple pie. However, The Apple pie has eventually been transformed into a more distinct American food experience which is served along the vanilla ice cream scoop.

Barbecue Ribs

Among the oldest traditional food in America, Barbecue is among them and has recently evolved to become an art and !any people love it countrywide since it fits their styles. Anywhere you go around the country; you will always find out that the American Barbecue has got great passion all over.

Gravy and Biscuits The

The biscuit is so original, and the British are the ones who introduced the Biscuits in America. Also, gravy was made with the aim of being a cheap breakfast for the southern colonies in their revolutionary war. The biscuits were made using buttermilk, butter or lard. The gravy was made using meat droppings which has chunks of black pepper and fresh pork. Nowadays, Biscuits have many ingredients.

Having known the few among the common traditional meals of America, you should always try them out to know their taste once you organize a vacation to America during your holidays using renting a car at 24. Traditional meals are always the best because they are prepared with natural ingredients.

Los Angeles: the haven for Best Restaurants in California

Do you travel a lot? Is California your next destination? Are you up for restaurant hopping? Well, there are a lot of luxury and bests restaurants in Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles, as the best travel destination

Los Angeles is one of the most favorite destinations for young travelers. From scenic, early morning strolls to the best night-life, from best beaches to A-1 restaurants, no wonder this is one of the busiest places in California. If you’re planning to visit California alone or with friends and family, Los Angeles is the best choice for your holidays and vacations. This is the place where you can have easy access to almost everything, from hotels, bars, coffee shops, and even Los Angeles car rentals. So, you need not worry a bit.

Here are the lists of Fancy Restaurants you can visit while staying in LA:

The Tower bar at 8358 SUNSET BOULEVARD west Hollywood CA

One of the most welcoming restaurants in Los Angeles with the best interior design is the Tower Bar at the Sunset Strip. The cuisine has a touch of Northern Italy and French bistro.

Cavatina at 1200 Alta Loma Rd, West Hollywood, CA

One of the mostvisited restaurant in LA because of the mouth-watering dishes they served. Cavatina best Chef provides a variety of best dishes in season.


Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Croft Alley at the standard serves a fresh take on the go dishes providing dishes with local ingredient – just giving classic Californian vibes.


This restaurant is one of the most aesthetic and relaxing destinations offering the best dishes from salads to seafood specialties.

Katana at 8439 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood CA

If you are up to Japanese foods, Katana is the best Japanese restaurant in town. Offering grilled meats and sushi in a contemporary setting, where you can grab a seat on the patio – Katana never ceases to impress out-of-town guests.

Pearl’s Rooftop 8909 SUNSET BOULEVARD

Pearl’s Rooftop offers affordable dishes and scenic views. It has three bars and a lounge where you can hang out with your friends. This is also the place where celebrities usually go.


Pi On sunset is one of the crowd’s favorite. By that, it is also the busiest restaurant. This resto is the best choice for Mediterranean menus and drinks and has live entertainment for late-night staying.


This is the most chic place you can find in Los Angeles. Pink Taco has the Mexican kind of a vibe which serves yummy tacos and about twenty margaritas you can choose from.


If you’re on for a classic and vintage setting, Rainbow bar and grill is for you. They serve Pizza and Italian food and have a vibe of 70’s to 80’s rockers.

Final Thought

Los Angeles is the finest place for travelers to unwind, grasp new environment and do some best memories. You need not worry about transportation because Los Angeles car rentals are also available for the tourists. Also, there are different recreational activity areas in Los Angeles for sporty persons. Aside from this,
Los Angeles has romantic places. That is why it is also one of the best choices
for newlywed to book for their Honeymoon. So, what are you waiting for? Pack up your things now and fly to Los Angeles to experience the best time of your life.