Gateway destinations for your electric road tripping

Gateway destinations for your electric road tripping

Electric road tripping is an emerging trend that is loved by many people who have an interest in road trips. Since immemorial, this kind of outdoor activity has become a norm for some people in the world. The only thing that should worry you once you are in such a trip is to find out whether you have adequate battery charge to ensure that it allows you to reach the next charging center.Once you sort out the issue of battery charging point, be assured that you will not fail to get a luxury and memorable experience with these kinds of vehicles on your road trip. You can also rent a car 24 hour and meet your goals appropriately.

Having said that, the following are great places you can efficiently go for your electric road tripping.

West Coast electric highway (United States of America)

The USA always have several destinations for an electric road trip. It also has a wide range of battery charging points located at the Pacific Coast Highway. These charging points exist between San Franciso and Los Angeles. West Coast highway in California has different charging centers of these vehicles that have been installed in every 25-50 miles along Highway 99, Interstate 5 among other roads in California, Washington, adjacent British Columbia (Canada) and Oregon.

Lofoten Islands (Norway)

Here, you will be able to get a luxury experience with electric road tripping as you tour remote areas in Norway. You can easily get picked up by native guides as you move towards the great mountains at this place, head towards Swedish borders or always reaching the Finnish as you seek for the ideal conditions to view the aurora borealis. You will also be able to take pictures of high quality to appreciate the nature of your adventure.

Nordic Lofoten Islands Norway Fisherman’s Village

Scotland (United Kingdom)

The North Coast 500 (Scotland) is one of the best places to go for your electric road trip. It contains several charging points that makes the use of these type of vehicles convenient for a road trip. It winds its routes past ruins, beaches, and castles which is inclusive of Ba pass and Bealach, one single track road via the Applecross peninsula mountains. The place is one of its kind for its users.

Northern Italy

Here, you will come in contact with Dolomites mountains inclusive of the Unesco World Heritage site that is unevenly distributed in different national parks. You can easily rent an electric vehicle at an affordable price and enjoy your road trip fully here. The good thing is that this region contains twelve battery charging points for those individuals who tour using their own electric vehicles. Once you are at this place, you can save some time and be able to tour Gran Paradiso national park using your e-vehicle. The hotels in the Dolomites offer outstanding services that make their visitors increase their appetite.

Lake Lago Di Ledro Lake Alpine Northern Italy Alps

Mallorca in the Balearic Islands (Spain)

Mallorca is popularly known for its electric mobility island. This place provides its users with over 100 battery charging centers that are found at 50 places on this island. The place also contains classy and elegant restaurants, golf resorts and hotels. Here, you can rent an electric vehicle and enjoy your road trip like no other.

It’s always advisable to take time and acquire an efficient e-vehicle for your road trip if you don’t own one you can rent a car 24 hour and make your trip one of its kind.

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